No Retreat in the Face of Fascism

12 June 2020

Mutiny says:

The struggle against racial oppression is a war. The Tories, police, fascists, and reactionary voters are against us. The great mass of progressive people are with us. Hundreds of thousands of black and white youth are on the streets. The enemy is on the back foot.

Whilst we understand the pressure the organisers are under, the decision to call off the main BLM demo in London this Saturday is a mistake. When you have numbers and momentum, you don’t retreat in the face of fascist threats.

Calling off a demo in these circumstances risks breaking the momentum and handing the initiative to the fascists and the police. Here are the possible consequences:

  1. The fascists are left in control of Central London on Saturday, claiming victory, winning support, leading a wider counter-mobilisation of the right.

  2. Our movement is split, because many people oppose the decision and believe the fascists should be faced down.

  3. Our movement is weakened and demoralised by the breaking of the momentum and the fascist/police victory.

  4. The enemy is handed a weapon that can be used again and again: threaten a counter-mobilisation and BLM will retreat.

If the Civil Rights Movement in the States had retreated every time the cops and the Klan threatened violence, it would have vanished in an instant and none of us would ever have heard of it.

Many activists are still calling for a mobilisation in London on Saturday. They are right to do so. The fascists must not be allowed to control the streets. The movement must not shrink when the enemy threatens violence.

We are many. They are few. Let us overwhelm them with our numbers, momentum, and idealism.


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