In Defence of Greta Thunberg

Updated: Feb 12

Daniel Tanuro exposes the torrent of abuse directed at the young climate activist by fascists and other defenders of capitalism.

First published at: Contremps on 1 October 2019.

The young Swedish woman Greta Thunberg has faced an exceptional outpouring of hatred, expressed as the most vile macho attacks, the most sordid insinuations about her mental health, the lowest calumnies about her autonomy, and even barely veiled death threats.

You don’t have to look far to find the source of these ever-growing waves of hatred. They flow from the national-populist, climate-denying, sexist, racist, and anti-semitic extreme Right, which is spreading like a cancer, especially since Trump’s election, Brexit, and the successes of the German AfD, the French FN/RN, and the Italian Lega, among others.

Photo-shop montages showing Greta alongside financier Georges Soros or a fighter of the Islamic State clearly show the anti-semitic or Islamophobic intentions of these circles.

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