Capitalist Crisis Leads to Neo- Fascism

Updated: Feb 12

William Robinson, US globalisation expert, argues that capitalism has been mired in crisis since the 1970s, but especially since 2008, and this has led to a crisis of legitimacy for the system and a global rise of neo-fascism.

8 February 2020. First published by The Real News Network.

Neil Faulkner introduces:

We have now been arguing for several years that the wave of nationalism, racism, and authoritarianism sweeping the world is a 21st century form of fascism. We present the argument in our book Creeping Fascism: what it is and how to fight it. We have faced heavy criticism from the Lexit Left - socialists who support Brexit - for arguing this position.

Many of our critics - in the context of 'Get Brexit Done' - seem to be embracing a form of economic nationalism. It is becoming increasingly clear that a fundamental division has opened between socialist internationalists and Lexit nationalists.

We therefore welcome the growing number of socialists and activists around the world who recognise the danger of nationalism, racism, and fascism, and who see Trump in the States and Brexit in Britain as expressions of this.

Mutiny is therefore reposting this video and transcript, with which we are in strong agreement.

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