Australian Wildfires: the climate war has begun

Updated: Feb 12

Pip Hinman, Australian socialist and climate activist, reports on the recording-busting bush fires sweeping Australia.

First published at: Green Left Weekly on 2 January 2020.

The horrific wildfires surrounding Australia’s major cities have sent shockwaves round the world. Coming on the heels of massive fires in Brazil, Russia, and Congo-DR, Australia ablaze has once again confirmed the reality of the global climate crisis. Ironically Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter and its Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, a stalwart of fossil-fuel capitalism.

The horror of the devastating and apocalyptic fires in New South Wales and Victoria has not only dampened the New Year party mood, it has fanned anger over the government’s obvious failure to respond to the climate emergency. Singer Tex Perkins’ middle-finger salute to the Prime Minister during a New Year’s Eve concert summed up the public mood.

As the UN ratchets up climate warnings, where are the solutions? Real climate action requires cutting coal exports. But the ruling class is determined to fight the climate war on behalf of the fossil-fuel corporations.

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