Analysing the World Capitalist Crisis

Marxists answer the question ‘what is to be done?’ by starting with the global situation. Neil Faulkner and Phil Hearse, in close communication with William I Robinson, have been developing a new understanding of the world capitalist crisis. Phil, speaking alongside Susan Pashkoff, will introduce these ideas at the first session of the A*CR weekend school on 12/13 September. This article provides some background.

10 September 2020

Mutiny and Socialist Resistance, together with other comrades, have come together to build towards the formation of Anti*Capitalist Resistance (A*CR). Mutiny and SR have, over the last six months, noted a growing convergence in our analysis, particularly of the capitalist economic crisis, the virus, the climate emergency, Brexit, and the growth of fascism and the extreme right – a process Mutiny comrades have referred to as ‘creeping fascism’. Since we started the AC*R discussions, those processes have only intensified. This is not just the worst crisis for international capitalism in history, but we are now seeing a collapse of human civilisation unparalleled since the Middle Ages.

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