Actually, it is racist

Updated: Feb 12

Andy Stowe argues that the Labour Left is now tailing the Labour Right in capitulating to nationalism and anti-migrant racism.

First published at: Socialist Resistance on 30 December 2020.

One conclusion being drawn from Labour’s defeat is that the party under Corbyn was insufficiently concerned about migration, English nationalism, and the concerns of the ‘majority of the working class’. Even Rebecca Long-Bailey, seen as the most left of the potential leadership candidates, is falling into the trap.

Well to Long-Bailey’s right, Pat McFadden, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South East, next door to Enoch Powell’s old seat of Wolverhampton South West, argues that ‘Labour needs to rediscover its patriotic instincts’. He feels that the internationalism that defines Corbyn makes him insufficiently patriotic.

McFadden’s basic argument is that Labour can only win elections by persuading voters that all its senior figures devotedly watch Elizabeth Windsor’s Christmas speech while standing to attention in their living rooms. Like Kipling and Thatcher, patriots such as McFadden believe that ‘British power and influence – both hard and soft – is a force for good in the world’.

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