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Climate Change

Thunberg and Monbiot

on the crisis of nature

Climate activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot explain how nature can be empowered to heal the planet - while the system does the opposite (here).

Global Climate Strikes

Footage of the global climate strike led by schoolkids on 20 September 2019 (here).

On fire this time

John Bellamy Foster argues that the global climate movement is heading for a revolutionary clash with the world capitalist order (here).

Creeping Fascism

The Sardines:

Italy's anti-fascist upsurge

The anti-migrant racism of Matteo Salvini and Italy's Far Right has  brought tens of thousands onto the streets in a wave of spontaneous protest (here).

Anti-Johnson protestors

clash with police in Whitehall

The election of Johnson's far-right regime has already triggered protests  by anti-racists (here).

 India in revolt against

Modi's Hindu chauvinist regime

Huge protests had broken out against Islamophobic attacks on the citizenship rights of Indian Muslims (here).

World on Fire


young women lead the struggle

Mass revolt against a corrupt political elite is being led by young women on the streets of Beirut, inspiring feminists across the Middle East  (here).

Gary Younge

on a decade of protest

The leading Guardian columnist looks back on a decade of mass protest from Occupy to XR and asks why it is the  Far Right making the solid gains (here).


popular revolt against Macron

France is gripped by mass strikes and street confrontations as Macron tries to drive through more neoliberal attacks on working people (here).

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