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Who we are and where we stand


We are a group of socialists, many of us active in the Labour Party, who have come together to build a socialist organisation on the following basis.

  • Humanity and the planet now face an existential crisis in the form of climate catastrophe, creeping fascism, and corporate power. This is a capitalist crisis caused by a system based on private profit, unregulated growth, and increasing inequality and misery.

  • The weakness of the labour movement and the disorientation of the left, including the Labour leadership, have prevented an effective class-based response to austerity, corporate power, fascist advance, and the climate crisis.

  • Profit or planet: the capitalist drive for short-term profitability before human need means that hitting climate goals, such as a 1.5°C limit, is impossible. We are faced with the necessity to do away with capitalism before it does away with us. Anti-capitalism and environmentalism are inextricably linked.

  • There is both a political polarisation and a political realignment going on in Britain and internationally. New divisions are emerging and new unity is being created. We are part of a radical socialist realignment in Britain and internationally.

  • We oppose all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. We are for a united mass movement based on our common humanity and diversity.

  • We are internationalists. We oppose immigration controls and borders. We oppose Brexit, nationalism, and racism. We stand in solidarity with migrants, Muslims, and other racially oppressed groups. We support the right of self-organisation and self-defence against bigoted violence.

  • We are acutely aware of the historic danger of radicals bending the knee to those in power. We are critical of 'parliamentary roads to socialism' and 'gradualism' as a strategy. We recognise the inherent dangers in electoralism and parliamentarianism; of triangulation and co-option; of being incorporated into the status quo.

  • The struggle from below is an essential part of socialist transformation. We want to overthrow capitalism, not reform it. We support reform in as much as it improves the lives of working people and creates the space for more profound change.

  • Our activity is oriented towards progressive sections of the working class, including work in existing mass organisations such as the Labour Party, unions, and Momentum, alongside extra-parliamentary campaigns, movements, and struggles.

  • We favour full internal democracy, wide-ranging discussion, and the autonomy of local groups. We recognise the need to break free from the sect-like behaviour and strategies of traditional socialist organisations. 


  • This is a living document that will evolve as Mutiny grows. We welcome critical feedback.